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2013 Trekstock Master Post

This is the master post to keep track of all fanworks created for the 2013 Trekstock. If you want to list your crossposted works you may comment here with unlocked links to those works.

What will be included? Anything that was created for a main prompt or Jam Session.

Posting format: Please include the following info for each link:
"Prompt Name/Number - Band Name - Work Title"

If you want to add the type of fanwork I'll include it in the listing of your work.

Trekstock on AO3: If you want to include your Jam Session works in the Trekstock AO3 Collection you may submit them just like your regular prompt works after Prompt 3 voting closes. Tag with your Band name (if you had one) and Jam Session - make sure they have the proper tags or they won’t be admitted!

You don't have to have an AO3 account to read, comment, or leave Kudos, but you do need one to add new works to the collection. To find out more about posting to the AO3 check out this post.

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Trekstock Closing Ceremony (AKA The Grammys)

The Grammys 2013

WELCOME to the 2013 Grammys!

Your Admirals were excited to be back, and thrilled that you joined us! We opened up the Ship Games to all versions of Trek this year and were delighted when you promptly gave us TNG and Enterprise fills. You also made things for 25 different relationships, which made us multishippers super happy. Note: post is image heavy!

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Trekstock Popular Vote

Here’s the chance for you to vote for your favorite works from Trekstock! Anyone with a LiveJournal can vote in this poll, so feel free to bring all your friends. The top three works were selected from each prompt.  You can pick up to THREE FAVORITES - any journals with four or more votes will be removed from the count. You may vote for your own team and/or works. The poll closes on Thursday 7/11 at midnight.

Poll #1922836 Popular Vote
This poll is closed.

Pick UP TO THREE favorites!

All the Fun by Mareel
Amazing Grace by mage_989
Foxtrot Tango Bravo by Trista_zevkia
How It Ends by livelikejack
Red, Red Wine by SailAweigh
Retribution by astral_alien8
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Shipper Alert

Hey Shippers, we’re wrapping up this shindig in the next couple of weeks!

Don’t forget to tell us what your AO3 and LJ names are so all your points get put together, and tell us if you got a Bingo! We’re counting romantic and gen relationships separately, so you can include Kirk/McCoy and Kirk & McCoy in a Bingo together. Works produced for the Jam Sessions also count towards a Bingo.

Some upcoming events:
Midnight Tonight: Prompt 3 voting ends
7/5 Popular Vote Poll Opens - This will allow anyone with a LJ to vote on the winning works from Trekstock!
7/11 Popular Vote Poll Closes
7/13 Closing Ceremony: The Grammys
Admiral Technicolor

Join us for the biggest, bestest Tribble orgy in the universe!


This weekend, instead of competing for points we will compete for fun and you can share all that you love about Star Trek and your favorite pairing/pairings/orgies with your fellow competitors while procrastinating from your prompt 3 entry.
Post your favorite fics, vids, recs, pictures or other pretties in the comment thread and get your collective SQUEE on.
Do you want to dare your fellow competitors to a one on one challenge? Start a thread!
Looking for the sexiest sex ever written ? Put out a request!
Want to drool in company about the newest set of pretty pictures we now have due to a dozen premieres? Go ahead!


Jam session 2 : Trekstock scavenger hunt

It's time for another round of weekend fun! This time it is not so much about creating but about finding something to share with your fellow Trekkies.

How does it work:

1. The admiral_mods will request a Trek related item in the comment thread below.
2. You will try to find this item and once you find it share a link with the rest of us as a comment to the original request post. This can be a link to art, fic, podcasts, gifs, videos etc. Pretty much everything that features the requested item in a Trek setting goes.
3. Points will go to the first person who posts, but feel free to add more links.
4. In the subject of your comment  add your band and ship (if that is applicable) so we can count point towards you, your band and the appropriate ship
5. Have lots of fun and check out all the great recs that will be coming in

Jam Session One - Get yourselves ready for a weekend of rock 'n roll

It is time to jam fellow musicians, so get your groove on.

jamsession 1 trekstock

This is how we’ll run this show.
1. Your very excited admiral_mods will try to post a prompt every three hours throughout the entire weekend (starting now). Time zones and a necessity to sleep might lead to some longer gaps between prompts, but we’ll try to get prompts out that will work for everybody’s schedule.

2.You can create a drabble (200 words), an artwork, an icon set (3 pieces) or a minipodfic of a drabble for the prompt. You can write/create as many works as you want for each prompt, for as many pairings as you like. Mix it up and spread the love.

3. Points: for each contribution the individual poster will receive 5 points. An additional 5 points will be counted towards the pairing featured in the work as well as to your band if you have one and remember to mention it in the subject line (see Posting).

4. Posting: We will post each prompt as a new comment to this post. Your contribution will only qualify if it is posted as a reply to the correct prompt post, so take care you reply to the right thread! In the subjectline of your comment you’ll have to mention the pairing you are using and, if applicable, your bandname, e.g. Relationship:___ Band:___
We will freeze each prompt thread after 6 hours, so get your contributions in in time.
ETA: we will leave the contributions unfrozen, so feel free to let yor squee out!

5.Questions? Post them to the question thread down below and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.