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26 April 2013 @ 04:36 pm
Trekstock Rules and Regulations  
Trekstock Rules and Regulations

There will be three prompts, one prompt every other week for six weeks. All fills must be brand new, created for Trekstock. Any fill produced must incorporate the prompt; how you interpret the prompt is up to you. You will have eleven days to create as many fills as you want for that prompt; there are no limits to the number of fills you can produce. Anything that’s in queue at the Collection before the Collection becomes closed to submissions will be accepted, so some works may be posted visibly to the comm after the due date.

There are no official teams this year. You may produce fills for any relationship you want, from any version of Star Trek you want. Points will be awarded to the Relationship depicted in the work, and to each individual involved in creating the work (more on that below). We know that Teams are part of the fun of the Games so we certainly aren’t taking that away. It’s just that we Admirals aren’t moderating that process this time around - we’re leaving that up to you, the shippers. This time around we’re calling the teams Bands, in keeping with our musical theme. Being part of a Band doesn’t prevent you from submitting fills for another relationship.  You may sign up for a Band at any time by checking out the list here.

Anyone may start a Band by posting Here in the list of this year’s Bands. You may form a Band around your favorite pairing, around your favorite character and the ships they may be part of (hello Gaila fans!), from a group of friends you love being creative with, or anything else (hello Femslash fans!); what you do with that team is up to you. You can throw parties, post Ship Manifestos to entice other shippers to your ship (WITHOUT being negative towards any other Ship or character!!), host a Word Wars, find work collaborators or betas, or just chill out with like minds in your comm. Your Band must have a Captain who will manage the comm, any further command structure is up to you.

There is an official Announcement post - The Noticeboard - where you can advertise upcoming activities in your Band comms, post Ship or Band banners, or anything else you want everyone to know about.

Fills can explore platonic, romantic, or sexual relationships. As long as there is a relationship it doesn’t matter what kind, so long as the work demonstrates a strong bond between the characters. The work doesn’t have to be explicit if it does contain sex, but there are no rating restrictions - just make sure to rate your work appropriately. Points will be awarded for one relationshipship per work. How you decide which that will be is up to you, but you must state it clearly in your Relationship or Additional tags.  Note:  Threesomes/moresomes where all participants are equally involved will count as a single Relationship.

We want to be inclusive during the Tournament, so we are allowing a few extra Ship tags that aren’t direct X/Y/Z pairings:

  • Polyamory - for relationships that involve more than two people but not all characters are with all the other characters.

  • Crack - You know it when you see it, just keep to the relationship rule. This also includes cracky orgies.

  • Team Tribble - If you want to create something that doesn’t quite fit into one ship or another and are ok with not getting points for it, tag it with this. This must be related to Trekstock, not just a random (and I’m sure lovely) thing you made that you want to share. Examples here and hereEDIT: Tribbles are also eligible for points this year. Check out the Band page for more info.

As noted above, there may be Bands formed around characters, groups of characters (like Team NewOldSkool from the Olympics), or anything else that strikes your fancy. Outside of the Relationship tags you may call your Band anything you want, or use any banner you want.

Tagging examples:

  • If Sulu breaks up with Chekov then gets involved with Gaila, your points could go to Chekov/Sulu or Gaila/Sulu, depending on your POV.

  • If Chapel, Bones, and Gaila are all together in the relationship that counts as Chapel/Gaila/McCoy. Ditto Chapel, Bones, Gaila, and Rand: Chapel/Gaila/McCoy/Rand.

  • If Pike has a relationship with Number One and Boyce, but Boyce and Number One are never together, that can count as: Number One/Pike, Boyce/Pike, or Team: Polyamory. The creator(s) get to choose.

  • If your work contains both Kirk/McCoy and Spock/Uhura, you must pick one relationship to get the points. Background pairings are fine, but only one relationship gets the points.

  • If the Enterprise is sentient and dating Scotty, that counts as Team: Crackship. We’re not making ship tags for every crack pairing ever!

Post your fills directly to this years Collection during the two posting days allowed for each prompt; dates will be given on each Prompt Post. There are posting and tagging guidelines Here.

You don’t have to post a ‘Band’ or ‘Ship banner with your fill, but you can if you’d like. General Band or Ship banners will not count as art in a post, but customized covers or manips specific to the work will count for points.

You can participate in the Tournament even if you don’t want to create something. Kudos by any logged-in user during the voting period will count as a vote. The voting periods are noted on the calendar.  Comments or anonymous Kudos won’t count as a vote, but we still love both. You can also submit recs in the rec posts and get points for those, or participate in the Bonus Rounds - you’ll have to sign the Manifesto and join the st_respect comm to participate. And we can always use more squee!


Points will be awarded to the Relationship depicted in the work, and to each individual whose account name is listed as an author on the work. Everyone who collaborates on a work will get points as long as their name is on the work. There will be awards for the following categories:

Top Ten Bands - Based on number of works produced, including Recs. You must list your Band name in the Additional Tags to get points for this!
Top Ten Fans - Based on number of points accrued
Top Ten Relationships - Based on number of points accrued
Top Ten Works - Each prompt, the ten works with the most Kudos will be given awards. At the end of Trekstock, the top ten works from each prompt will be voted on by you, the public, in a poll here at st_respect.

Bingo! - Everyone who got a Bingo for Ship or Work Type
First Timer - everyone who made a work in a new format

Point Breakdown:
Multiple-media fills are encouraged. You will get points for each distinct fanwork you include in the fill. For example, if you post a fic, vid, and fanmix in one post, you would get thirty points. If you add a custom cover to that you get forty points.

10 Points: All work types. Minimum lengths/sizes are listed below.
20 Points: First Time! You get 20 points (in addition to the regular points awarded for the fill) the first time you post a work type you’ve never made before. Your first art, fic, podfic, ect... We’re using the honor system here.
75 Points: Bingo! Double and triple Bingos are allowed - or more! There are two types:
Work Bingo: You get 75 points (in addition to the points awarded for each fill) when posting one work for each of the work types: Audio, Craft, Visual, and Words.
Relationship Bingo: You get 75 points (in addition to the points awarded for each fill) when posting one work each for four different relationships. These relationships don’t have to be brand new to you (it’s ok if you’ve created them before), but they have to be new to your work for Trekstock. So the first time you create for Jim/Bones you can include that in your Bingo. Your second Jim/Bones won’t qualify for a Bingo.

Work Type: These are just guidelines and inspiration. We love out of the box thinking! If you aren’t sure how points will be given, please contact the mods. Also, we thank the mods over at kink_bingo for allowing us to borrow some of their minimum work length ideas.

Audio          Fanvids - Minimum 30 seconds. Also earns Visual points.
                    podfic - The fic you’re recording must be 500 - 5,000 words.
                    Filk (recorded) - Minimum 30 seconds
                    Original Songwriting (recorded) - Minimum 30 seconds
                    Audiofic - Minimum 30 seconds
                    Fic Trailers - Minimum 30 seconds, also earns Visual points.
                    Fanmixes - 3-7 songs. Can be for an existing work, or new for your Ship

Craft - Physical creations. You can post pics of your creation, patterns, recipes, ect... Pictures of your finished craft will not count for Visual points unless they are somehow made into art. Example: Team Ashayam's Ship Wars Prompt 6 entry. This would earn points for Craft (recipes), Visual (the artistic way the recipes are presented) and Words (the story).  Or you could manipulate two or more cosplayers (or yourself in different costumes) into one image, which would count as art and craft. There still needs to be a Relationship for all Craft entries.
                    Cross stitch
                    Food or drinks related to the Prompt and relationship in some way - this must be created or modified by you

Visual - For art, all individuals in the ship don’t have to be shown as long as it’s clear what the ship is. For example, Chekov doodling Sulu’s name in his padd counts as Chekov/Sulu.
                    Gif sets - Minimum 5 images
                    Original moving animation - Minimum 10 seconds
                    Icons - 100x100 pixels, minimum 5 icons for the same relationship per set
                    Fan vids - Minimum 30 seconds, also earns Audio points
                    Art - Minimum 300x300 pixels:
                    Drawing (digital or by hand)
                    Digital manips of photos
                    Painting (digital or by hand)
                    Cover art for fic, podfic, mix, vid, ect...

Words         Poetry - Includes found poetry. Minimum 10 lines if not a haiku
                    Fiction - minimum of 500 words
                    Stories told through caps on gifs, macros, or screen caps - also counts for Visual points, minimum of ten captioned images.
                    Original Songwriting (Lyrics only, not recorded) - Minimum two verses and chorus

Recs: Recs will be posted in sets of five, all for the same Relationship. There will be a dedicated rec post for each prompt where all recs must be posted, it will be linked on the prompt post. Post one rec set per comment. Points will go to the reccer, the Relationship, and the Band (if there is one).
Include in subject line: Relationship: ___, Band: ___
Include in comment body: Title, author, link to work for each rec. You may also include any warnings you feel apply, and why that work is so fabulous.

First Time/Bingo: Please comment Here with links to all four works for each bingo. Please make a separate comment for each Bingo.

If you are participating in the Bonus Rounds or posting recs, and also posting works to AO3, please let us know in this post what your AO3 and LJ names are, so you can get points for both.

Works made for or based on an existing fanwork will count as points in this Tournament as long as the creator has permission from the original works creator. Examples:

  • Art (Illustration, cover art), Fic Trailer, or Podfic of an existing fic

  • Fic written about a vid

Have fun! Our goals are to make lots of Trek stuff, encourage folks to explore ships or work types they haven’t yet, and have a blast. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to give it a go.
blumvaleblumvale on May 5th, 2013 03:43 pm (UTC)
hi, when can we start looking at/ creating bands or looking at the notice board. when I clicked it, it said access denied
ADMIRAL MOD IS WATCHING YOU: Admiral BlueShirtadmiral_mod on May 5th, 2013 03:53 pm (UTC)
Hey Blumvale! Head on over to the Manifesto and sign it, then we can admit you into the comm so you can jump on in. :)
inu_spockya: nuspock is smilinginu_spockya on May 21st, 2013 06:00 am (UTC)
am interested in this -- but may only end up an onlooker; I dunno if I'm gonna have time the next few months -- but the promise of ficcage to read, well, now!!
admiral_mod on May 21st, 2013 12:05 pm (UTC)

Feel free to join, sign up is still open and will be open all through the challenge. If you really think you'll only be around for reading fic, you can Always watch the community and keep an eye to the AO3 collection. That will be the place where all fic will be posted and can be read. If you want to sign up, first sign the manifesto post and then click the join community button.
Ellen: Captain Dummy Talksail_aweigh on May 22nd, 2013 01:06 am (UTC)
It looks like there's a minimum on a lot of the types of works listed. I don't see a minimum word count on prose fiction. Is there one?
ADMIRAL MOD IS WATCHING YOU: Admiral Technicoloradmiral_mod on May 23rd, 2013 08:07 pm (UTC)
The minimum is 500 words, we'll make sure to add that to the post, thanks for alerting us :D