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Showing some respect to the utterly BAMF Trek characters we all love.

What Is It?

+ a Star Trek challenge community that runs various challenges throughout the year.

+ a fan community wherein we all, quite regularly, get drunk and party get drunk and party--although we do not often get drunk on liquor because there is plenty of squee and glee to warm our fangirl bellies.

+ most infamously the host of the Ship Wars (of 2010)

Current Challenge

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Learn more here.

Can I Join?

+ membership is Open! Membership will stay open all through Trekstock, so feel free to jump on in whenever you get here. :)

+ The Mods for 2013 are:

 photo iconRedAdmiral_zps7f46bfe3.png cards_slash

 photo iconTechnicolorAdmiral_zps3ffb8625.png claudia_nic

 photo iconBlueAdmiral_zps0caf9662.png pslasher

 photo iconPurpleAdmiral_zps739be599.png sullacat

 photo iconGoldAdmiral_zps4931f287.png witblogi

 photo iconAdmiralBlackshirt_zps5d6f867f.png wyntreaurora


+ In general? Leave a question at the Feedback or Complaints posts. Comment are screened for the Complaints post, so if you have a sensitive issue that's the place.

+ About the current challenge? there's an Intro page for every challenge!


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